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When I set out to paint this painting I asked my local community (through Social media) if anyone had some old kettles etc that I could borrow to paint. I subsequently received the most beautiful messages from complete strangers offering all manner of things for me to borrow. This is one of the kettles which the owner had just brought home from the family farm that they allowed me to use for my painting. I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautifully supportive and trusting community.

The beautiful bottles found their way to me in a load of dirt (from Mt Lawley) I had delivered to my home whilst landscaping our property. After finding the first one, it was like a treasure hunt with my husband and I carefully searching through the mounds of dirt to see what we could find.  Some ten years later I finally got around to painting them.


The old green bench top seemed the perfect place for them along with the cherries I had purchased for Christmas day.


This beautiful artwork is an original oil painting on a custom-made 12 oz stretched canvas. It would be the perfect artwork for someone who appreciates things from yesteryear. The soft tones give this painting a calm, old-worldly look/feel and it would look amazing in a kitchen, laundry, dining room, or similar.

Kettle and Cherries

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