Art Photography & Reproduction

As a means of offering artists an affordable, comprehensive, one-stop-shop, Johanna Larkin Art now offers an onsite art photography service.  This enables artists to have their 2D artwork digitalized providing an opportunity for them to sell fine art prints of their original artwork.

As an artist, Johanna knows that sometimes it is hard to part with an original artwork so selling prints is a good alternative.  Furthermore, by digitalizing your art, and selling prints you are able to continue to earn money for years to come.

Once your artwork has been photographed and edited (to closely resemble the original) you will receive the image on a thumb drive and you can then choose if you would like to have prints made of your artwork on either canvas or fine art paper. Generally speaking, you can go as small as you want and up to one size bigger than the original.

As the artwork is photographed rather than scanned it is possible to digitalize all 2D artwork including large format artwork, canvases, watercolor, and pastels. Call  0448 812 070 or email                  today to discuss options and pricing.


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